Did you know that CEC offers Variable Data Printing? Variable Data Printing – or VDP – improves on the traditional marketing campaign that has a single message for all clients & prospects and personalizes the message for each individual. Variable Image Printing – or VIP – takes the personalization one step further, allowing for each individual to receive a design – not just a message – that is specific to them and their interests.

A common example is a car dealership sending postcards out to people who have visited or previously purchased a vehicle. Normally, they might send out a postcard to all of their clients and prospects that has a picture of a red 4-door sedan and a generic message saying “come check out our new deals”. Using VDP/VIP, they can instead send out cards that target the specific desires of each person.
So when Tom, who test drove a silver pick-up truck receives his card, it will have a message reading “Hey Tom, did you enjoy driving the silver truck?” accompanied by a picture of a silver pick-up truck. When Joe, who recently purchased a blue sports car receives his card from the exact same campaign, it will read “Hey Joe, are you enjoying your blue sports car?” along with a picture of, you guessed it, a blue sports car.

For more information on Variable Data and Variable Image Printing, check out the Variable Data section of our Knowledge page.

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