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Our Services – brochure printing, document printing, and more

As a full-service provider, CEC takes care of your digital printing needs so that you can focus on your area of expertise — your job. Whether it’s multiple page, color brochure printing, document printing, a lead generation postcard (including metering and mailing) or three-hole punched black and white training manuals, CEC delivers high quality digital printing to meet your deadlines and make the print production aspect of your job a breeze.

  • Prepress services: If you need help answering a variable data question, addressing a color matching concern, or help with creating your document, our prepress department is available from 8-5 every week day.
  • Quick turn document printing: 72, 48, and even 24 hour turns are often the norm these days. We also offer same day service for proofs and even small runs if you’re under a tight deadline. Ask to see where your project fits into CEC’s schedule.
  • High-volume color digital document printing: Our digital color press is specifically made for high-volume work, like brochure printing, allowing more flexibility in price and deadlines.
  • Black and white digital printing: The same quality and speed is available on our monochrome machines.
  • Finishing and binding: Make your documents easy to use, long lasting and memorable.
  • Variable data and variable image printing: See our “Variable Data” page for information on how to customize your brochures, newsletters and other mail pieces.
  • Mail and marketing services: Contact us to find out how CEC can help with your upcoming marketing campaigns.
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