As you probably know, Direct Mail Marketing is how most businesses advertise promotions to both existing and potential clients. Your company most likely uses this method of marketing as well. What you may not know is that CEC Document Services can streamline this process by handling the project from printing all the way through mailing, saving you money in the process. Plus, by using CEC’s mailing permit, you save time and a trip to the post office because CEC will mail the finished pieces as soon as they are ready.

Once the mail piece is designed, you can send us your digital artwork files (PDF files preferred) and mailing list/database (comma delimited text file (.csv) preferred).
CEC will then:

  • Check the art for mailablility
  • NCOA process the mailing list
  • Presort the mailing list for the best possible postage discounts
  • Combine the sorted mailing addresses with the artwork via our Variable Data Printing capabilities
  • Sort the finished mail pieces
  • Submit the finished product to the USPS for mailing

And since all of these steps are handled at one location, there are fewer people you need to contact about the project, fewer chances for mistakes, and the whole process takes less time than if you relied on a different vendor for each step. And soon, CEC will be offering template based design services for mailing projects to further expedite the process.

If you would like to know more about CEC’s services, please check our Knowledge page. Or if you have an upcoming mailing project, please contact a client service representative to see how CEC can help. We may even be able to help you in the design of your mail piece.

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