By popular demand, CEC has upgraded to Adobe’s Creative Suite 5. If you’re using the newest version of Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign to set up your files and are having trouble creating an acceptable PDF, you can now send the native file for us to print from. As with all native file submissions, don’t forget to gather the file, images and fonts together into an archive format (.zip, .sit, .rar, etc…) before submitting.

With InDesign CS5 (aka: InDesign version 7) specifically, the way to export your file to a PDF is slightly quicker than it was in some previous versions. You can now simply select the profile you want to use to create the PDF rather than having to open the Export window and then select the correct profile. To take full advantage of this, download and install CEC’s PDF Job Options file. Once installed, you can find it in InDesign under File > Adobe PDF Presets. It should be listed as “CEC PDF-X3”. As mentioned in previous posts, the settings in this file should create the best possible PDF for printing at CEC.

We still highly recommend our clients create a PDF and review that PDF before submitting files to CEC for printing. However, now if you’re using the latest Adobe software and are having trouble creating a PDF, we can accept your native files without any workarounds (saving down, exporting to INX/IDML files, etc…).

Please contact us with any questions or issues you have regarding file submissions or any other digital printing needs.

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