Our website update continues: The About CEC page has been updated, including all new staff bios and photos along with new functionality. So, what’s new? Check out the changes highlighted below:

About CEC image 01
New Graphics! Because it makes the page pretty. Granted, all of our new page updates are getting a far more graphical treatment than they had on our old page. It is still worth mentioning.

About CEC image 02 Map
Built-in Map! Again, because it makes the page pretty. Actually, this one is also for ease of use. Our previous page had links to a map and driving directions, but now a general map of our location is viewable right on the page. You can also interact directly with it if you want to zoom in/out, move it around to see other nearby streets, or switch to satellite view. Driving directions are still available via a link under the map if you want detailed directions to get to CEC from… wherever.

About CEC image 03
New Staff Bios! Keeping with the theme, another pretty graphic separates the preceding CEC information section from the following staff bios. While you’re on the page, scroll up and down while looking at the Staff Bios banner.
In addition to new employees being added to the list, the bios have been re-written and photos updated. To break things up a bit – and make for easier reading – the background color for each staff member’s section alternates between two shades of gray.

About CEC image 04 ani
Social Media! As illustrated in the animated GIF above, staff members with social media accounts now have icons under their bio which, when clicked, will take you to their page on the appropriate social media site. We’re not all socially active at work, but those who are have their links provided.

That covers the latest page update to our site. A few pages still have make-overs in process. Keep an eye out for those in the near future. Let us know what you think by leaving comments below. And if you haven’t already signed up for the CEC Newsletter, please do so: Newsletter Signup

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