Our Equipment

A busy print shop like ours really puts equipment to the test, and only the highest quality, most durable printing machines will do. Each piece of equipment is selected for speed, reliability, efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our customers love the results!

Digital Printing Equipment

bizhub Press C1100

Konica Minolta C1100: Digital Color press that prints at 100 pages per minute (letter). The C1100 can print on sheets up to 13 x 19 inches, up to 350gsm double-sided. CEC has 2 C1100s for digital color production.

Konica Minolta 1250: 125 black and white prints per minute. The 1250 prints on paper up to 12″ x 18″, on stocks ranging from 50# offset to 110# index. We run three of these presses for monochrome production.

Professional Post-Press Finishing Equipment

  • Olec UV Coater: For UV Protection and high gloss finishing.
  • Duplo DC10000s with DBM-200 Bookletmaker & DBM-48TW Trimmer: Can produce up to 2,500 professional trimmed booklets an hour.
  • Standard Horizon BQ 270 Perfect Binder: For high-quality production perfect binding of up to 500 books per hour.
  • Duplo’s DC-545 HC High Capacity DocuCutter: To slit, cut, and crease jobs in a single pass.
  • Stamps.com: For non-presorted, first class postage on postcards and mailing pieces.
  • Rhino-Tuff HD-7700 Punching Machine: For punching coil, wire, and comb holes at up to 5000 sheets per hour.
  • Rhino-Tuff 7000 Punching Machine: For punching coil, wire, and comb holes at up to 5000 sheets per hour.
  • Two (2) Roll & Coil Inserters: For coil binding up to 300 books per hour.
  • GBC 111 PM Comb Punching Machine: For punching comb holes at 4000 sheets per hour.
  • PLS 1200 Digi Laminator: For one or two sided, edgeless lamination, up to 1200 feet per hour.
  • Baum 3-Head Drill Press: For standard or non-standard drilling of paper.
  • Eastey High Volume Tunnel Shrink Wrapper: For shrink wrap packaging.
  • Triumph 5551 EP 21” Cutter: For cutting and trimming with 25 programmable settings for repeat projects.
  • Challenge Champion 30.5” Model 305 XD Cutter: For cutting and trimming with 100 programmable settings for repeat projects.
  • Plockmatic 60 Saddle-Stitch Booklet Maker: For creating up to 200 saddle-stitched books per hour.
  • GBC 5270 High Volume 25” Laminator: Primarily used for sealed-edge laminating of monochrome prints at 1000 feet per hour.
  • Baum Ultra-fold XLT Folder: Folds at 2000 sheets per hour.
  • Champion Padding Press: For gluing together printed sheets to create pads.
  • Rapid 106 Electric Stitcher: For creating stapled projects up to 25 sheets thick at 300 books per hour.
  • Crimp @ Coil Electric Coil Crimper: Crimps both ends of a coil bound book at once.
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